1918 International Federation of Cosmopolitan Clubs incorporated in Kansas City, Missouri.
1927 Cosmopolitan goes international with the chartering of the Winnipeg Club.
1933 Cosmopolitan International name change
1976 Cosmopolitan International Foundation established
1977 Cosmopolitan International formally adopts Diabetes as our focus, Cosmopolitan Diabetes Foundation established
1978 Cosmopolitan pledges to establish our first center at the University of Missouri in Columbia. Over $1,000,000 raised.
1983 Cosmopolitan International Diabetes and Endocrinology Center in Columbia, MO opens its doors.
1984 Cosmopolitan International pledges $1,000,000 to establish our second center at Eastern Virginia Medical School.
1984 Cosmopolitan Foundation Canada is established
1992 Cosmopolitan Diabetes Institutes begins at EVMS.
1995 $100,000 raised to fund the Valerie Millar Outreach Program at the University of South Dakota.
1999 Cosmopolitan pledges $750,000 to fund INGAP research at EVMS and McGill University in Montreal
2006 Pledge goal reached for EVMS and McGill.
Today Cosmopolitan International continues its work